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Veneering Essentials

Veneering Essentials, written by Steven Der-Garabedian (Features the Roarockit build method of course!)

  • Veneering Essentials, written by Steven Der-Garabedian
(Features the Roarockit build method of course!)
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Steve has been a big supporter of Roarockit over the years and has used the Thin Air Press for many of his instructional workshops and demonstrations. His enthusiasm about using the power of vacuum for his laminating projects inspires other builders who would normally be hesitant about the process to try it. This book is a result of that enthusiasm!

Veneering Essentials

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  $5.00 (Fixed shipping cost)
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Veneering Essentials: Simple Techniques & Practical Projects

"For those that have tried veneering and struggled, Veneering Essentials is an invitation back to achieve success with simple lessons and practical projects well within the reach of any skill or budget. From making your own iron-on veneer to hammer veneering to pressing both mechanically and via vacuum, Veneer Essentials will show you how to use veneer to create beautiful projects that open up countless possibilities in future choices of both wood and design."



"Veneer Essentials has you covered as you: discover that some of the best wood is turned into veneer and some are much easier to work with as veneers; learn to cut and joint veneers to create tight joints as easily as you would in solid stock; make your own helpful tools and jigs; learn about various adhesives, edging your work and creating stable curved forms; successfully build beautiful projects using both conventional and not-so-standard substrates. It’s all here."




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