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Our Team


Roarockit is a small company with many friends and associates. Over the past 16 years, people have been closely associated in many different ways. We have always surrounded ourselves with supportive friends, family, professionals and entrepreneurs. The creative spirit is a huge part of our Roarockit team, and every person involved has made their mark in some way, and we are grateful for their contribution.

Headquarters in Toronto


Ted and Norah (co-founders)

With Ted's background as a professor and Norah's in graphic design, both are passionate about helping people. Ted recognizes that the teaching process is a two-way street, the more we interact with people, the more we learn!



Mars makes everything happen at Roarockit! Mars is also the resident expert for teaching. He can help you decide what kit, or veneer, or Multi-pack to choose to suit your project or school program (and he's a super-nice guy too).


Duncan and Greg

Duncan wears many hats at Roarockit, he makes product, counts veneer, manages the stock, packs kits and keeps us groaning with his puns. Greg is laser-focused! He operates the laser and our other production equipment.


Taryn and Jan

Taryn is an industrial designer who also has a flair for creative photography, editing and social media skills. Jan is a seasoned education specialist. Talk to Jan if you want to know how to get Roarockit into your classroom or group. 


The Roarockit Team includes people all around the world


The Team is in Europe!

Sarah and Nico bring Roarockit products and support to the entire EU. Trained in Toronto, and experienced in board building, this dynamic duo travel to great lengths to get builders in Europe making their own custom boards.


Roarockit is down-under too!

Justin and Belinda have been offering Roarockit kits and the hard-to-find Canadian maple veneer in Australia and New Zealand for many years. As a teacher, Justin is very active with schools and supports his fellow teachers by providing expert advice on how to bring skateboard building into the classroom.


And in Quebec....

Affectionately known to us as Crazy Hornet, Ian Samoisette proudly represents Roarockit to the French-speaking community. Ian is a high-school teacher with an amazing amount of energy and skill and leads his class of skateboard builders to achieve amazing results with their projects.