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Maple Veneer Sampler Offcuts

For all your small projects!

  • For all your small projects!

Product Description:

For marquetry, jewellery and many other smaller laminating projects, this generous box of offcuts will give you a bundle of material to work with. Use this in combination with our Color Veneer Sampler Offcuts for a full range of material.

Maple Veneer Sampler Offcuts

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What you get:

  • A carton of assorted-sized pieces of maple veneer
  • Each piece is an offcut of our 1/16" and sometimes 1/20" thick maple
  • The box contains approximately 26 lbs. of veneer pieces

Trim pieces with a heavy matt knife

We recommend using a Thin Air Press vacuum bag to laminate your creative projects with this pack of veneer pieces.

With Titebond III and your imagination, glue up your designs as flat shapes, or bend them over a mold inside the TAP bag.

As with the other larger sheets of veneer, keep them away from any heat sources to prevent warping and cracking.

Q: Can I specify what pieces I get in the box?
A: What you get is what we generate during our manufacturing process. We never know how large or small these pieces will be, every box will be different but feel free to ask!

Q: What's the largest useable size?
A: Again, it's hard to say as these are offcuts, but we make sure every box has a mix of workable sizes and shapes.

Q: Why are we offering these?
A: Many people have come to raid our offcuts bin for their small projects, so we realize there's a need for this! Of course it keeps it out of landfill sites too.

Q: What types of glue work with this veneer?
A: Same glue you would use for your other woodworking projects, PVA glues such as Titebond III and epoxy.

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