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SK8CAD Software

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Purchases of custom foam molds are sold and shipped by Open Source Skateboards.

See the video tutorial on how to use this software here.

Blank foam molds are also available to purchase from Roarockit here.


a foam mold being carved out using a CNC

About SK8CAD

SK8CAD is a software developed by Beau Trifiro of Open Source Skateboards. This software makes it incredibly easy to design and visualize your custom foam mold. Use it to test out different measurements and create the custom shape of your dreams. Whether you purchase one from Open Source Skateboards or carve it yourself out of our high density foam, SK8CAD is an invaluable tool in your board building arsenal!

Beau Trifiro holding a 55

Meet Beau Trifiro

Beau Trifiro is a skateboarder, a builder, an educator, and more! Beau created Open Source Skateboards as a way to empower creatives through skateboarding. Creating tools for skaters and builders, providing board design and build services, and running board building workshops and online tutorials, are just some of the ways he helps the board building community. Read more about Beau and his Roarockit journey here.


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High Density Foam

This foam has twice the compressive strength of the foam we used to get. It will stand up to more abuse but is still easy to shape your custom mold with. Included with this pack is a FREE hand tool!

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Mold Master

Mold Master is a brilliantly conceived and well-designed tool for accurately drawing guide lines for shaping a custom foam mold. Even comes with it’s own caliper pen!

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