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Throwing Axe Handle Kit

Approved by WATL® and designed in collaboration with Philly Axe Co, use this kit to build your own handmade throwing axe handle!

  • Approved by WATL®  and designed in collaboration with Philly Axe Co, use this kit to build your own handmade throwing axe handle!
  • Curved Hatchet Double Kit
  • Straight Hatchet Double Kit
  • Big Axe Double Kit
  • Example Builds
  • Color Choices

Product Description:

The Axe Handle Kits include our 100% Canadian Hard Maple veneer, the key to making premium quality, long lasting handles. Laminated handles have increased strength over traditional solid wood handles. Choose up to 5 colored sheets per handle to add a personal touch to your build!

These handle shapes were designed by Vin Crescenzo of Philly Axe Co. to fit within WATL® specifications for competitive axe throwing. Vin has been a Competitive Axe Thrower since 2017 and building Throwing Axes since 2020. It all started as a fun hobby and quickly became something to help pass the time during the pandemic. Vin is a two-time WATL US Open Champion, 2021 for Duals with David Cycon, 2022 for Big Axe as well as a Runner-Up at the 2022 WATL World Championship for Duals with Kyle Durrant. These axe handle designs were inspired by the handles Vin has been using throughout his axe throwing career. The straight handle and Big Axe handle have enough length to be used for a WATL axe. The curved handle is more popular for throwers to help get the fast rotation that is sometimes needed.

Build more pre-shaped axe handles with our Refill Kits! Once you have mastered the process, consider our Gradient Veneer or Color Veneer sheets to glue up a blank and cut out your own custom design.

Curved Hatchet Handle:
15.5" long

Straight Hatchet Handle:
19" long

Big Axe Handle:
25.5" long

2.75" wide

(Axe heads not included)

Throwing Axe Handle Kit

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Throwing Axe Handle Kit contains:

  • 15 layers of Canadian maple per handle
  • includes 10 undyed sheets and 5 dyed sheets per handle
  • 2 backer sheets per handle shape
  • waxed paper sheets
  • 1 wedge per handle
  • glue, roller and measuring cup
  • edging tool and sandpaper
  • illustrated instructions

and a Thin Air Press Kit

  • 10.5 x 40” heavy duty vinyl vacuum bag with one-way valve attached
  • manual vacuum Super Pump
  • flat breather netting
  • extra sealing tape

By following the printed instructions included in the kit box, you will be guided through the glue up, stacking the veneers between the backer sheets, inserting and sealing into the TAP bag. Using the manual vacuum pump to evacuate the air, the Thin Air Press will press the veneers. The sanding process is described.

The backer sheets, Thin Air Press Bag and pump, edging tool and flat breather netting are designed to be used for many, many builds.

Keep all your reusable kit parts in good working order by following the maintenance tips included with the kit.

Q: Is this kit reusable?
A: Yes. Every thing but the veneer and glue are reusable

Q: What if my TAP bag or valve is leaking?
A: 99.9% of the time, the seal is not closed up properly. Dust and debris can prevent the top cap of the valve to seal, rinse cap with water. For more in-depth details, see the TAP kit FAQ’s page.

Q: Can I get more veneer?
A: A Refill for this kit is available here

Q: Will stuff last if I don’t use it right away?
A: Veneer will absorb and lose moisture, so keep it sealed in plastic (or the carton it arrived in) but away from any heat sources. Lay it flat to prevent warping. Prevent the glue from freezing.

Q: What do I do if my veneer breaks or splits?
A: Veneer is fragile until laminated, and it is common to split or snap. A stripe of glue and some masking tape to hold it until it dries will fix broken or split sheets. See video how-to-fix

Q: Can I use this kit to make a custom axe handle?
A: The size of the bag determines how large a project you can fit into it. As the seams of the 10.5 x 40” TAP bag included here cannot be stretched open while pressing, you are limited to smaller projects. See our larger bag sizes for one that suits your project.

Q: How do I get this cheaper?
A: Become an entrepreneur! Build one for yourself and generate income from the other handles you build!

Q: What else do I need to complete this project?
A: A moisture protector is recommended to seal all surfaces, especially the edges.

If you choose to hang an axe head on this handle, shop locally and use all recommended safety equipment!

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