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High Density Mold Foam Pack

Design and shape your own custom foam mold!

  • Design and shape your own custom foam mold!
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Product Description:

This foam has twice the compressive strength of the foam we used to get. It will stand up to more abuse but is still easy to shape your custom mold with.

Don't want to shape it yourself? Use our custom interface to choose your dimensions and have it cut by our robot hotwire cutter!

High Density Mold Foam Pack

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Mold Foam 1” Longboard 4-Pack includes:

  • Four 12 x 47 x 2” slabs

Mold Foam 2” Longboard 2-Pack includes:

  • Two 12 x 47 x 2” slabs

Mold Foam 3” Street Deck 2-Pack includes:

  • Two 9.5 x 34 x 3” slabs

Use the 1" foam for a  drop deck style board, the 2" foam for a standard longboard, or the 3" foam for a Street Deck build.

Instructions are not included in this kit.

See the video tutorial here on shaping a foam mold >>

These 2 photo tutorials show also how to shape a mold.

Shaping a Foam Mold:

How to Shape a Foam Mold for a Custom Board:

Click here for more Tutorials including creating a template for your custom board.

Occasionally foam breaks in transit. All is not lost! While it makes it harder to work with, you can put it back together (unless it is crushed beyond hope) Join the broken pieces together using contact cement (don’t use spray adhesive, it will melt the foam).

A simpler fix is just to tape the pieces back together on the bottom side, the side you are not shaping.

Q: Can I hot-wire the foam?
A: Certainly, however that is a one-shot approach. You need to know exactly where and how your wire is going to cut, and you can’t make a mistake

Q: Why use high density foam?
A: It shapes nicely and stands up to multiple uses. Also, if you are shaping radical bends, it will not wear down as easily.

Q: Can I buy a mold already shaped from Roarockit?
A: We do sell Street deck, Pintail and Lil’Rockit molds, however they are cut in the shape of the veneers already and are not suitable for use with the uncut veneers for custom shaping.

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