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Gradient Multicolor Veneer (3x17.75")

These gradient multicolored dye-infused veneer sheets add a unique pop of color to your woodworking projects! Perfect for axe handles, turning blanks, and more!

  • These gradient multicolored dye-infused veneer sheets add a unique pop of color to your woodworking projects! Perfect for axe handles, turning blanks, and more!
  • Example axe made with Gradient Veneer
  • Orange to Dark Orange
  • Yellow to Dark Orange
  • Blue to Black to Maroon
  • Smoke to Maroon
  • Blue to Black
  • Blue to Dark Blue
  • Green to Black
  • Pink to Blue
  • Pink to Dark Blue
  • Cyan to Undyed to Red
  • Black to Undyed to Red
  • Undyed to Red
  • Undyed to Dark Red
  • Undyed to Red to Orange
  • Undyed to Bright Green
  • Undyed to Green to Olive
  • Undyed to Blue
  • Undyed to Black to Maroon
  • Undyed to Black
  • Undyed to Red to Black
  • Undyed to Lime to Black
  • Blue to Purple
  • Undyed Bird's Eye (PLAIN MAPLE)
  • Undyed (PLAIN MAPLE)

Product Description:

The color is infused into this veneer so that when you sand it, the color does not disappear. Adding a coat of finish will intensify the sanded color.

Please know that as the grain density in the veneer accepts the dye differently, there can be dramatic variance in the color when sanded. Colour, pattern, dye penetration, and vibrancy may vary greatly from sheet to sheet.

The minimum number we will ship on their own is 12 sheets. For less than 12 you must order them along with another veneer pack.

NOTE: THESE SHEETS ARE NOT SOLD SEPARATELY - If you place an order for less than 12 sheets, we will refund the order back to you.

Gradient Multicolor Veneer (3x17.75")

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Gradient Color-infused maple veneer

  • approximately 3 x 17.75 x 1/16” sheet size, all long grain
  • accepts glues such as Titebond III and epoxy
  • available colors change frequently
  • color shades change from sheet to sheet, as well as how far in the dye has penetrated.

Dye-infused color sheets can be used for axe handles, marquetry, pen blanks, signage, turning blanks, knife handles, drawer pulls, jewelry, scroll saw artists, toy makers, or other laminated projects.

Glue up as you would your other veneer sheets.

A color sheet on the outside of a lamination makes a great base for your design.

A color sheet (or a few) as inside layers of a lamination make for an interesting side detail.

Any loose dye may rub off on your hands and clothing, some colors more than others, so protect your self, clothes and your work surface when using these sheets.

Veneer expands and contracts with moisture. Our veneer is shipped with 7-9% humidity. Keep your veneer stored away from heat sources, and lay it flat.

If your work area is very dry, keep your unused veneer sealed in plastic (a garbage bag will do) until you are ready to use it.

Until it is laminated together, veneer sheets are prone to splits, especially the cross grain sheets. Handle them with care, but if any sheets do split, they can be repaired with a bead of glue and masking tape.

Q: Can I make my own wood by soaking it in dye?
A: You will only get a surface coloring this way. Our sheets have been infused using pressure, so the color gets deeper into the veneer.

Q: Can I paint my design over the color?
A: Yes, it is not as waxy as some hand-stains are, so it takes acrylic and spray paints just fine.

Q: What types of glue work with this color veneer?
A: Same glue you would use for your other woodworking projects, PVA glues such as Titebond III, epoxy.

Q: Are the dyes used to create this veneer food safe?
A: The dyes used are non-toxic but they are not guaranteed to be food-safe. This veneer is sold for recreational parts, such as skateboards and axe handles.

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