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All our products are made up as custom orders and as such, they are NOT returnable. This includes Veneer, Thin Air Press Kits, and Skateboard Kits. Under certain circumstances we may agree to accept a return for refund, however you will pay all shipping costs plus the Re-Entry fee charged by Canada Customs (approx $48CA). What you will need is a Returned Merchandise Authorization number (RMA#) from us via email before returning the product. Please contact Norah Jackson to obtain a Returned Merchandise Authorization number (RMA#) as well as instructions for returning the product to us.

Please check the details of the products you are ordering, especially the measurements of the TAP Bags and the veneer sheets.

Product Guarantee

As this is a kit and requires a certain amount of skill to build, it is important to follow the directions completely. We can't replace any materials once the building process has begun. Following the instructions will result in a quality skateboard deck. Before starting to build your kit, we recommend viewing our How-To Videos. If you would like to speak to us in person for advice and direction, call our toll-free number 1 888 857 7790

While using your Thin Air Press: Before you call us, please view the Fix and Maintain tutorials. If air is leaking back into your bag and you are losing vacuum pressure, chances are good that the seal has not been pressed tightly enough. Remember, you are creating a lot of vacuum pressure and if there is even the tiniest air pathway open, the air will find its way back into the bag. Please check and double-check the sealed edge, as this is almost always the problem with vacuum bags not holding a vacuum. We recommend that you do a dry run (without any glue) to ensure you are familiar with the sealing process before pressing your project. We do not want to hear that your priceless and irreplaceable veneer has been ruined!

Damages from Shipping

If your product arrives damaged due to shipping, contact the shipping company immediately and inform us within 7 days. We are not liable for damages incurred during shipping, but we will work with you to ensure that you receive a completely useable kit. If you notice that the package has unusual damage beyond the regular bumps, please make a verbal note with the delivery driver upon receipt and take photos of both the packaging and the contents. We will request photo documentation to help support any claims filed for recompense. Failing to take these steps prior to contacting us may complicate any claims made with the courier.

Cold Weather Usage

Our Thin Air Press bags were designed to last through heavy usage under a stressful application. As a result, the vinyl is of a heavy (thick) gauge. Vinyl, like many plastics, will stiffen up and gain rigidity under lower temperatures. This means that under cold enough weather, the vinyl can actually break or shatter if too much force is applied to it. To ensure the integrity of your bag, please do not use or otherwise stress the vinyl in below room temperature conditions. We cannot accept warranty replacement requests for TAP bags that have encountered this kind of damage.


Yes, it happens occasionally! If you find what is obviously a manufacturing defect in a Thin Air Press vacuum bag, please email us with clear (in focus) photos of the problem. We will do our best to remedy the situation.

This remedy does not extend to our veneer products, as splits, knots, holes, blemishes and discoloration are normal with natural wood. If veneer has literally split in 2 or more pieces (can happen especially with the cross band and bamboo sheets) these can be repaired with glue and tape. Holes, knots and other blemishes are an expected part of the internal sheets, and will have no effect on the safety or strength of your finished skateboard.