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Rockit SawKit

When cutting out your board from a blank, the SawKit Coping Foot pivots on a single point allowing you to follow the 3-D shape

  • When cutting out your board from a blank, the SawKit Coping Foot pivots on a single point allowing you to follow the 3-D shape
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Product Description:

The SawKit Coping Foot is great for cutting out board blanks as it balances on a single point. This allows you to cut into the kicks, drops, and concaves that are present on a skateboard blank.

It also allows you to manually keep your jigsaw blade at a consistent 90º angle to the floor or to follow the angle of the board.

When using a standard flat base on a jigsaw, the flat face of the base forces you to directly follow only the profile of your board.

Rockit SawKit

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  • Jigsaw Coping Foot
  • Jigsaw blade
  • Installation and operating instructions


  • Compatible Jigsaw*
  • Flathead Screwdriver

*List of Compatible JigSaws

Bosch 1590 & 1591, Dewalt 317, Porter Cable, Skil, Ryobi and Rigid Fuego are NOT COMPATIBLE

Follow the included instructions on how to install the SawKit Coping Foot onto your jigsaw. Operating this tool requires some learning, please follow the detailed instructions that come with this product including:

  • Cutting a Board Blank
  • Operating the SawKit Coping Foot
  • Starting your Cut
  • Cutting
  • Finishing
  • Safety
  • Blades
  • Manufacturers Instructions for Installation


Make sure that the bolt that attaches the SawKit to the jigsaw is tight.

Q: At what speed should the jigsaw operate?
A: Medium speed works best as it helps the blade from overheating.

Q: Should the blade touch the SawKit while operating?
A: No, the blade should never make contact with the SawKit. If this happens, readjust the SawKit or the jigsaw.

Q: Should the blade reciprocate forward and back while cutting out a board?
A: No, this will make too aggressive a cut and will cause chipping of the wood, use the up and down setting.

Q: Was the SawKit created for cutting out skateboards?
A: The tool was originally designed to cut the ends off baseboard and trim so that they join together cleanly. It works incredibly well for cutting out 3-dimensionally shaped skateboards.

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