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RockitRulerFlex - Old School

Now available in a clear flexible format!

  • Now available in a clear flexible format!
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Product Description:

The RockitRulerFlex is the second generation ruler for board builders:

• It’s clear so you can see right through it
• It’s flexible* so that it will wrap around the curves of your board
• It now includes a wheelbase ruler from the newly designed trucks template area

Available in 2 sizes the 47” length is for longboards with Old School trucks spacing. There is also a shorter New School version 34” long, designed for Street Decks.

*this is not unbreakable. If bent too far, it may snap. Please use common sense.

RockitRulerFlex - Old School

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RockitRulerFlex - Old School

  • One clear 47” flexible ruler


Lay the ruler perpendicular to your sanded board, and using the Centre Finder found in the middle of the ruler, locate the center of the board and pencil a mark through the diamond shaped holes. Repeat this in 3 places along the length of the board.

Using the ruler as a straightedge, pencil a light line to connect the diamond marks.

(Proceed to drawing the template if board is to be trimmed out at this point.)

Line up the ruler so that the line shows in the diamond cutouts and mark your first set of truck holes using the baseplate template.

Without lifting the ruler, use the edge ruler to measure to the desired wheelbase and mark the second set of truck holes, the holes are spaced correctly for you.

Do not drill truck holes through this ruler, use your pencil marks instead.

Do not drill truck holes through this ruler, use your pencil marks instead.

This ruler will break if bent too far, so please be careful! We cannot replace them if this happens.

Q: What is the difference between Old and New School trucks?
A: Typically Old School trucks are for Long Boards and New School trucks are for Street Decks.

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