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NutStopper - Old School 2-Pack

NEW! NutStopper holds your nuts tight! Stop carrying a wrench!

  • NEW! NutStopper holds your nuts tight! Stop carrying a wrench!
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Product Description:

NutStopper eliminates the need to carry around a bulky wrench while out riding! Keeps your nuts from spinning around while you tighten the screws. Also helps prevents nuts and bolts from loosening so you spend less time screwing and more time skating! (hardware not included)

NutStopper - Old School 2-Pack

$2.50 (Fixed shipping cost)
Total Price:
  $2.50 (Fixed shipping cost)
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NutStopper - Old School 2-Pack

  • each pack contains 4 NutStoppers, 2 for each truck
  • the 2-pack gives you enough to outfit 2 boards (8 pieces)
  • fits most Old School (Long Board) trucks
  • light-weight at only 18g total

Insert your nuts into the recessed areas of each Nutstopper

Position NutStoppers onto trucks with the logos facing out

Thread your screws in from the underside, through the board and Nutstoppers

Tighten screws until the trucks are firmly attached to the board

Check tightness frequently

Keep screws tight

Q: Why are NutStoppers good to use?
A: There is no need to carry a wrench with you as the recessed areas keep nuts from spinning while tightening!

Q: Why do NutStoppers keep screws tight?
A: NutStoppers act like a lock-washer. By putting a little bit of compressive material (the plastic) between the truck and the nut it helps prevent the screws from loosening.

Q: How often will I need to check my screws?
A: It's a good habit to check your screws before every session, whether you have NutStoppers on or not.

Q: Will NutStoppers fit my old Randals with the crossbar?
A: No, that's the only set of trucks we know of that will not fit NutStopper.

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