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Bamboo Veneer 20-Pack

This pack of Bamboo includes 20 sheets of long grain veneer.

  • This pack of Bamboo includes 20 sheets of long grain veneer.

Product Description:

All the way from China, this sanded bamboo is milled specially for building skateboards. Non-carbonized, it has a natural light-honey color.

Bamboo sheets are made of many vertical strips, sanded and glued together. Our bamboo stock is milled to a thickness that is suitable for bending into pretty radical curves, however not as extreme as maple or birch.

Bamboo boards have great properties for riding, in that it gives you back as much rebound as you put into it.

The bamboo is very fragile to handle until it is laminated, we have to ship this in special crates so that it will survive the trip. That’s why it is only available in 10 or 20 pack sizes.
The sheet size is 10.5 x 46”.

This current shipment of bamboo is milled to 5/64" which is very slightly thicker than our previous order of 1/16".

Bamboo Veneer 20-Pack

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Bamboo Veneer 20-Pack

    • 20 layers of bamboo per pack: all long grain
    • 10.5 x 46 x 5/64”

Recommended glue amount for this kit: 36 oz

Experiment making an all-bamboo board, or use this as a top or bottom sheet, or other combination of a hybrid of maple and bamboo.

Ensure that the correct amount of glue and an even application is used, as an excess of glue can cause expansion in the maple layers of the board, causing the bamboo layers to split while drying.

If pressing a hybrid board and the outer layer is bamboo, apply clear packing tape pulled across the grain to the outside surfaces of the bamboo to reduce the chance of splitting.

Best Vacuum Bag size: 20 x 70” Thin Air Press TPK20

Bamboo is very fragile. Splits are a fact of life with this stock. Even gentle handling will likely result in sheets splitting or even breaking completely along the glue lines. Shipping increases the chance of splits, despite our careful packing. If you order this stock, you will most likely encounter splits, however the sheets are entirely useable.

Please do not contact us to tell us there are splits. Simply apply glue to those lines while pressing your board. Once dried, the board will be very strong.

Q: What type of glue do I use with bamboo?
A: Same as with the maple and birch, Titebond III.

Q: Is bamboo the lightest veneer?
A: No. We made 3 identical shaped pintails, and here are the weights: Maple: 1.8 kg (3.968 lbs)
Bamboo: 1.6 kg (3.527 lbs)
Birch: 1.5 kg (3.300 lbs)

Q: For a 100% bamboo board, what about cross band sheets?
A: We recommend either using maple or birch cross grain sheets, or you can make your own using bamboo, by cutting and edge-joining sheets yourself. The skateboard industry sometimes uses no cross band and applies fiberglass to help strengthen.

Q: How easy is bamboo to work with?
A: It is very easy to cut and sand, although not as nice smelling as maple or birch!

Q: Will using a bamboo sheet as a cosmetic layer affect how my maple board works?
A: A single bamboo bottom sheet will not affect the pop of an otherwise maple board

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